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Title Frontish render Sideish render Backish render Touched-up render Used assets
Female Tennis Player
Other: Material ponytail01 redhead
Torso: Entire torso tennis dress
Bottom: Entire bottom sport briefs 01
Feet: Entire feet tennis shoes
Other: Tool/carried/equipment tennis racket
Other: Pose Tennis forehand volley
figure skating
Torso: Entire torso figure skating dress
Other: Material figure skating dress (red material)
Legs: Entire legs ballet tights
Feet: Entire feet Ice Skates (Figure Skates)
Other: Pose figure skating (rest pose)
Ho ho ho
Torso: Entire torso Winter coat
Feet: Entire feet Winter boots
Head: Helmet/hat/cap Xmas cap
Other: Material Xmas coat
Other: Material Xmas boots
Poison Ivy
Head: Hair Hairstyle Curly 2 (alpha 7 adaptation)
Other: Material Hairstyle Curly 2 (red)
Torso: Entire torso female strapless bodysuit
Other: Material p-ivy bodysuit material
Arms: Entire arms evening gloves
Other: Material p-ivy gloves material
Legs: Entire legs ballet tights
Other: Material p-ivy tights material
Legs: Lower legs female knee boots
Other: Material p-ivy boots material
Legs: Upper legs p-ivy decoration
Other: Tool/carried/equipment p-ivy weapon
Other: Pose Sword Fight 01
Torso: Entire torso Skeleton
Skin comparison: Devil horns
Skin comparison: Dragon bodysuit dark
Skin comparison: Dragon bodysuit white
Skin comparison: EHSPC
Other: Skin
Other: Pose Harvey_StandingFashion2
Skin comparison: Elven skin
Other: Skin Elven skin
Other: Pose Harvey_StandingFashion2