Elven skin


The other day I've had a strange fantasy of making a skin for a female elf, so I've decided to undertake this. It's weird, I know, but here we are. The skin is based on "Nippleskin" by bbot22 http://www.makehumancommunity.org/skin/modified_caucasian_female_skin_darker_more_visible_nipple.html but I made it much lighter and added in some faint gold glow. I also attach two other texture variants that I discarded when making this (I thought they were too pale) but maybe someone else could find useful.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero



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Optional bump texture: 

Optional normals texture: 


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something is wrong with the nipple

Dear Sir, there's something's wrong with the nipple when i used this skin on my models. i don't know how to explain, because i'm still a beginner with these stuffs. i'm looking forward to the revise, and many thanks in advance, Sir.