Starting January 2019, we are going to migrate all bug tracking to GitHub. This means, that from now on, the old bugtracker should only be used as a historical reference. 

Do not use the bug trackers for support requests! If you need support, ask on the forums.


Where do I report a bug?

Depending on where the bug occurred and of its nature, there are different projects to which bugs should be reported. 

  • Bugs regarding makehuman as such, for example when the application fails to start of behaves strangely, should be reported to the main makehuman bugtracker. For now you can also use this to report bugs related to MakeTarget and MakeClothes. 
  • Bugs specifically regarding the asset downloader plugin, ie everything on the community -> download assets tab, should be reported to the asset downloader plugin bugtracker
  • Bugs related to the new blender integration (that is, where you import directly rather than via file export), should reported to the makehuman plugin for blender bugtracker. If you know for sure the error occurs makehuman-side, it might in edge cases be relevant to instead report it on the socket plugin bugtracker
  • Bugs related to MHAPI specifically should be reported to the MHAPI bugtracker
  • Bugs related to MHX2 should be reported to the MHX2 bug tracker. If you don't get a response there, you can also report these issues in the MHX2 forum
  • Bugs related to the mass produce plugin should be reported to the mass produce bugtracker.

For bugs related to plugins not listed here, try to find the respective plugin's project page under the makehuman github organization

If in doubt, use the main makehuman bugtracker, and we'll see to moving the issue if necessary.


The old bugtracker

If you need to find an old issue report, the old bugtracker is still available. But please don't report any new bugs here.