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Title Frontish render Sideish render Backish render Touched-up render Used assets
Skin comparison: Harvey G3
Other: Skin HarveyG3
Other: Pose Harvey_StandingFashion2
Skin comparison: Mermaid
Other: Skin Mermaid One
Other: Pose Harvey_StandingFashion2
Skin comparison: MH reference skin
Skin comparison: modified caucasian
Skin comparison: Orkify head
Skin comparison: Summer glow
Skin comparison: tan lines
train conductor
Head: Helmet/hat/cap uniform cap (train driver)
Torso: Entire torso uniform jacket (train driver)
Legs: Entire legs uniform pants (train driver)
Feet: Entire feet Shoes Oxford male
Other: Tool/carried/equipment signal
Other: Material conductor cap
Other: Pose train departure
Winter collection
Head: Hair Hairstyle Curly 2 (alpha 7 adaptation)
Torso: Entire torso Winter coat
Torso: Chest/breast Sleeveless Shirt
Legs: Entire legs Tight jeans (female)
Legs: Lower legs Winter boots
Wonder Woman Movie 2017
Head: Hair Hairstyle Curly 2 (alpha 7 adaptation)
Other: Material Hairstyle Curly 2 (chestnut brown)
Torso: Entire torso Armored Corset (Wonder Woman)
Arms: Lower arms Vambraces (Wonder Woman)
Arms: Upper arms Bracelet (Wonder Woman)
Other: Piercing/jewelry/adornment Tiara (Wonder Woman)
Legs: Entire legs Armored Boots (Wonder Woman)
Other: Tool/carried/equipment Lasso (Wonder Woman)
Torso: Entire torso Leather strap (Wonder Woman)
Other: Tool/carried/equipment God-killer Sword (Wonder Woman)
Other: Tool/carried/equipment Shield (Wonder Woman, Dawn of Justice)
Other: Material Shield 2017-Version (Wonder Woman)
Other: Pose Sword Fight 01