Summerglow female skin


This is compilation of different MH skins to make female models look more taned (sorry no tanlines yet). I have added false make up and changed nipples area. Hope you will like it. #female #nipples #tanned #makeup #summerglow


CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution



MHMAT file: 

Optional thumb file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional illustration: 


Very nice

I like the skin. Very summer-ish and and the tone is clean and crisp.

Thank You

I think that I will prepare very simple node setup for this skin in blender cycles :)

change the directory to skins next time

Use a text editor and at the place that says "diffuseTexture" where the directory says /textures/ change it to /skins/


I did that and still nothing.

no texture found..

In the file summerglow.mhmat (find it in"skin_name"..) change line
diffuseTexture ../textures/summerglow.png
to diffuseTexture summerglow.png

Magnificent !

Very beautiful skin color and wonderful makeup. Congratulations and thanks !