Sleeveless Shirt


The sleeveless shirt should be used for female characters. You may combine it with the jeans or minirock. As a material I tried a combination of normal-map and diffuse-texture which works in MH itself. So I took the leather litsphere. When you export it to blender the litsphere does not matter, because the materials and textures are added as always. I added a picture in the forum (tutorials/coloring white texture...) how you change the material in Blender cycles to display every color you want and also how to change the details. The shirt uses the delete-group. All 5 buttons of the shirt resize geometrically! Scale down the 4th button, when you use bigger cup-sizes in Blender. Select all buttons in Blender and attach a new more shiny material (e.g. put a math-node (+ 0.5, clamp) between fresnel and mix-shader).




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Thank You

Another amazig job :D rendering in progress

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really good

Elegant and fit perfectly, thank's for share it !

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Perfect !