Ballet dress The Swan


Tags: female, ballet, work. I don't know anything about ballet but this is my/our interpretation of a ballet dress and was created together with a friend who did the basic design. It is primary made for subsurf level 2. I have done extra edge loops to tighten the edges to avoid texture distortion when using modifiers. The skirt is three vertex hard body to maintain its shape. The chest ruffle is not displaced and if you think the normal map is to strong you can reduce the effect by painting over the area with RGB color 128 128 256 (in Blender 0.5 0.5 1.0) and low strength brush. In MakeHuman viewport the transparent will not show in favor of the normal map. In Blender use the modifier "Solidify" and about 2 to 3 mm thickness and "Fill Rim" and "Only Rim" to give the fabric some thickness. In Blender Cycles: The diffuse texture should also be used as glossy color to make the gold pattern more visible. The specular map is also used to adjust glossy roughness, use a "Invert"-node and connect it to the glossy shader "Roughness" to get tiny almost not noticeable glitter effect on the gold pattern.




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Your cloth's quality is as crazy high as usual :) Thanks a lot for sharing this! The diffuse texture and the normal map are extremely detailed (that fabric pattern under the folds of the tutu - incredible)!
The dress is just real.

Wow might be the least

This is simply breath taking. I would have bought this as a photograph of a ballet dancer if I hadn't known better.

Bravo !

Bravo !

ballet dress "the swan"

I saved the dress in the clothes folder/subfolder 'ballet swan dress' but when I checked to see how it looked on my model, it was invisible. I hovered over the "hide" selection, the dress became visible - barely -- as if it was a ghost. What did I do wrong & how do I fix this?


If all files are in the same directory (example: "\makehuman\v1\data\clothes\ballet_dress_the_swan") the dress should be visible in MakeHuman. Try to change the spaces in your directory name to _ , e.g "ballet_swan_dress"

When hover the mouse over "Hide faces under clothes" MakeHuman makes the clothes transparent to show how the mesh underneath will be deleted when using that function.

ballet dress "the swan"

Sorry - I tried several versions of your suggestion but it still doesn't work. Thanks anyway.


I would like to download the OBJ file how do i do this?