RC3 available for linux and windows

I have now finished uploading the third release candidate for linux and windows. See here for information on the release candidates, including changelog and information on how to download them. 

Current status

At this point MakeHuman 1.1.0 is largely finished. There are some glitches with a slider that might be fixed before the final release, but it is unlikely anything large or visible will be added. For technical reasons the DEB files need to be rebuilt at release, but it's entirely possible that the file that is currently named "rc3" for windows will simply be renamed when we do the actual release. 

We still haven't seen any builds for OSX (the build machine is still broken), and it would obviously be nice to have had at least one test build. But we're not going to let this block the release.

Release notes

We have started to write preliminary release notes. The text is a bit rough around the edges, but probably largely accurate. The draft can be found here: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/wiki/Releases:110.