Release candidates for 1.1.0

As you may have seen, release candidates for 1.1.0 have started to appear. The current release candidates are likely to the last ones, next is the formal release. At this point we're only aware of one minor glitch (relating to eye bad volume sliders) which might be fixed, but it's also possible we'll defer that to 1.1.1.

Formally, the release candidates are not "stable" in the sense that they are a stable release. But this late in the release cycle, you can be reasonably confident that they work and look more or less like the final release will. 

So far there are builds for Ubuntu (including debian and derivates) and Windows. 

When will 1.1.0 be released?

This FAQ item still applies: When will 1.1 be released?

This said, and as a general indication, we are probably very close to a release unless something unforeseen happens.

Please, please, please report bugs!

The purpose of the release candidates is to catch and be able to correct bugs that haven't been found yet, before the final release. But that only works if you report back on the forums with your feedback. Even if it's just a "works for me" that's helpful too to get an idea about the general user experience.


The release candidates are available here:


New for this release is that the builds are distributed via a PPA, which is here:

For quick setup, run the following commands:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:makehuman-official/makehuman-11x
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install makehuman

You only need to do this once. Afterwards, updates to makehuman will arrive via the normal update/upgrade process.

More detailed instructions are available here:

Other platforms / builds

Support for OSX and RPM-based platforms are expected, but we're not there yet.

Known issues

(see also the "errata" section in the preliminary release notes)

Changes, RCs issued 2016-04-16

  • (General) Fixed broken/missing contents of the help->about box
  • (General) Fixed erronous links to documentation in the code files
  • (General) Bumped version stamps on code files and assets
  • (General) Avoid a potential crash for when it was not possible to read a metadata file
  • (General) Create the poses subdir if it doesn't exist
  • (Windows) Made an effort to stomp out the last remaining bugs regarding model files (.mhm) that are saved with non-ascii filenames. 

Changes, RCs issued 2016-03-05

  • (General) Fix potential crash in pose/animate (#997)
  • (General) Fix erronous links in help menu (#986)
  • (General) Include some files which were accidentally left out 
  • (Ubuntu/PPA) Add "replaces" for makehuman-unstable