Flapper Dress 1 Red


Red skin for my flapper dress.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero

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Works fine in MakeHuman

Hey !
Here is my try to make it run properly in MakeHuman:
1- Create a new folder
1- From original (Flapper Dress 1) folder, copy the 2 original files (flapper_dress_1.mhclo & flapper_dress_1.obj)
2- Rename the (red.mhmat) (downloaded from here) to (green.mhmat) as the original one, otherwise I get a white (blank) material
3- For the thumb, I used photoshop to create a red one, with same name as the original one (flapper_dress_1.thumb)


Thank you very much !

Hey Cadviz,

Hey Cadviz,

instead of creating a new folder and copying the mhclo and obj files, just move the mhmat files to the old folder. So everything goes into the same folder. Like this:


Now in MakeHuman, go to the Materials tab. On the left, select the Flapper_Dress_1 in the Clothes section, and then you can select the materials on the right.