Flapper Dress 1


20s inspired dress. Made this for a project of mine, and releasing it to the public on what happens to be the day of the Women's March against Trump. What coincidence! Warning: mesh uses both tris and quads. The current release of MakeHuman doesn't seem to have a problem with it: it shows up correctly, and exports correctly to Blender, including rigging. It may not work for everyone's system/MH release though, so use with caution. It may export incorrectly, crash MakeHuman, fry your computer, or release the nuclear codes to a bloke called Donald. Oh, wait, that last one's already been done, nevermind ;) Known issues: - Using Blender Subsurf modifier after importing from mhx2 may crash Blender or cause other issues. Doing a degenerate dissolve on the dress after import seems to fix this issue (although Blender says nothing happened). - As is the case with pretty much all dresses, extreme poses may look awkward. Two additional materials are available at the materials page: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/materials.html. Attribution not required, but always appreciated ;)




CC0 - Creative Commons Zero





MHCLO file: 

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Very nice!

Thanks! Just what I needed in my clothes library.

Thanks :) You may want to

Thanks :) You may want to redownload the mhclo file though, I improved the vertex bindings on the legs part. Extreme poses still make the legs go through the clothes - as with pretty much all skirt assets - but at least there's no more "holes" like there were in the previous mhclo.

Missing Hat - Head cover

Really nice dress... but the downloaded one is missing hat (head cover) as in the image!!
Thank you

Thank you !

Thank you !


I am new to make human. How do you install these add-ons? the dress looks great!

To install them right click

To install them right click on the orangle links near the paper icon thats on the left and if your using chrome, click on save link as..... then set the add-ons directory to the makehuman/v1/data/clothes directory