sport bra 01 (red pole-dance material)


Normally the sport bra 01 is considered as underwear. When you want to use it as a top, you should use this material. The normal map of the standard material is used.


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Thank You

great set, of course working very well, but could You please share some poses too ?

Thank You in advance :)

Leg Hook

This pose is called "leg hook". I first started with the "pirouette" pose and also have a "fireman" pose ... but also these "beginners" poses are a real problem for our characters, because skin and clothes are heavily deformed ... maybe I will do a few pictures when I'm more successful and then I will upload the poses also. The more advanced poses demand a lot of flexibility of a real human and of our MH characters as well. And I should create one of these "These are not bruises they're pole kisses" t-shirts, I know, that real pole dance is more than some "sexy moves" ;-)