f swimsuit 02


I don't know when I started to model this swimsuit. It was supposed to be released about a year ago, but then I discovered several issues including serious modelling mistakes. The big show stoppers got fixed, but I'm still not satisfied with the result. Fixing the remaining issues would require changing the topology which I really don't want to do. So the question was: Release or delete? I finally decided to release it anyway. Use subsurf 2 and solidify 1mm. Average female used for modelling. Alternative material available: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/content/f_swimsuit_02_blue.html. Update 08/09/2017: For those who want to do their own textures I released two images that might be helpful: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/content/f_swimsuit_02_texture_creation_kit.html.




CC0 - Creative Commons Zero





MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

MHMAT file: 

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Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional normals texture: 

Optional illustration: 


Great job!

Thank You very much !!

Thank you!

I'm happy you chose to release it. The knot in the neck looks great and I like the design! And you spared me some work as I haven't got time to continue the swimwear collection and this was one design I had in mind.