french lingerie (mini briefs)


The french lingerie (mini briefs) is part of a set containing briefs, stockings, suspender-belt and bra. A black texture is added to extra materials. Edit: normal map is supplied.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

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So cute

Nice and detailed, excellent design !


Lovely and so well done! Thank you! ;)

Great piece

Nice pieces by the way. It's sad this and some other clothes don't presently appear in the "assets" section of the "assets downloader" in the MakeHuman Software. :(

Problem downloading clothes

Thanks for this nice piece, but when I try to download it (and some other clothes) from here, the MakeHuman community website, it doesn't show a "save as" option, but it shows as "save link as" option which takes me to a text page, which can only be saved as a text file format and not a makehuman file format. How can I fiix this? I have already downloaded the "assets downloader", which doesn't presently have this outfit (and some others) in the list of clothes I can download from there. Thanks.

Perfect lingerie

RehmanPolanski's picture

If i make a female model, this is the first thing she wears ;-)