Summer Dress One

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A simple summer dress, with a low-cut back. This design is created almost entirely with diagonal quads, which animate better. Should work for any adult female.


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MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

MHMAT file: 

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Texture Error

You need to edit the mhmat to refer to "summerdress.png" instead of the sari texture.

Actually...that still doesn't

Actually...that still doesn't fix it. The PNG included as a diffuse texture doesn't appear to be a real diffuse texture.

Blender Weirdness Analyzed and Solved!

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Thanks for the comments. The reason that I wasn't giving out proper diffuse texture maps is that I hadn't at the time solve a problem in Blender that now I have seen complained about on many forums. When reading the tutorials, it looks like one only has to create a UV texture from an image, and everything works. But time and time again, in 2.49b, 264a, and even 2.76b, the process would hang. It turns out that if one creates a simple procedural texture first, and then the image texture second, Blender works every time. So now there are real diffuse textures. All fixed.

Texture fail

Dress looks pretty but can't make it to work.
After downloading and selecting the dress in MakeHuman I get a yellow/blue one with big letters "texture not found".
I found out I have to edit the mhmat file as the diffuseTexture is set incorrectly (it's set to sari1.jpg).
After that the texture loads, but now the shape of the dress is totally broken. Big chunks are missing, what is there looks a bit like the sari1 dress but with the summerdress texture.

Haven't tried export to Blender.