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Tags: Female, Elegant. A Cocktail Dress was my intention, looks more like a funeral outfit. The texture colors looks terrible in Blender Cycles, I don't know why. One solution is to use the Gamma node and set it on something like 0.7 or 0.8 to adjust, OR just change the colors to something better. Updated 2017-07-15 Better deformations than the previous version, especially the skirt part.


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I have something similar in my pipeline for way too long now. The semi-transparent part of the diffuse texture would look better if it were symetric. About cycles material: Use the default material created by MHX2 export as a starting point, increase roughness of glossy shader to 0.4. Now it looks less plastic and more fabric. It's still more black than red, but this is fixable.


I plan to make some more dresses, even more swimwear as they are numbered and I can not stop at 01, eventually at least two garment per category.

Another tip...

First of all: cool model! Your normalmaps are so awesome - they are adding a lot of realism.
If you replace the line

shader data/shaders/glsl/phong

in your *.mhmat file with

shader data/shaders/glsl/normalmap

your normalmap(s) will even be visible inside of makehuman...
This would especially enhance the look of your swimwear collection (of which I am a big fan) :)


I thought that if I made the normal map and specular map to do most of the work it should be easier to retexture and change colors.
The swimwear collection was fun to do as a starting point to learn making clothes in Blender and I hope my clothes are useful in all kind of projects.
Is the line - shader data/shaders/glsl/normalmap - only for MakeHuman viewport?

RE: Thanks!

Your clothes are useful for sure!

Yes, the shader setting in the mhmat-file is just for MakeHuman - it doesn't affect anything in the export.
Unfortunately I noticed that transparency doesn't work with the normalmap shader, so you have to decide wether the wrinkles or transparent parts are more important...
For more information about material settings see here: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/wiki/Technical_notes_on_MakeHuman#Mate...


This looks great. Can't wait for more from you!


I decided to contribute some clothes to MakeHuman community to show my appreciation for the effort the people behind MakeHuman and MHX2 does, and hopefully "make the world a little bit better" :-) so eventually I will make more clothes for MakeHuman.

Good job

Good job


does not look like a funeral outfit. looks like a prom gown