heel sandals


The heel sandals are a special asset. I remodeled the feet in a specific position and created a pair of shoes with medium heels. I used the young caucasian female texture for the feet, if you want another texture, simply copy the foot of the original texture to the png-texture (you can create a new .mhmat file and a new .png in a materials folder). The complete feet of the human are deleted by using the delete vertex groups. A small gap is visible between the asset and the leg. It is build like this because a subdivision surface operation in Blender shrinks the pattern and then a bigger gap will occur. You can also reconnect the geometry in Blender (I'm doing this always). Feel free to change the material of the buckles to a glossy shader and use the same shading method for the skin of your character and this asset, so that the skin does not look different. I know, that this asset is a bit tricky ... Edit: .mhmat file changed to material setup of "young caucasian female"




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If you go on publishing cool

If you go on publishing cool assets you'll have to buy me a new hard disk. : )

We need a Punkduck filter in

We need a Punkduck filter in the clothing section, aka "professional made assets"

I solved this issue for my

I solved this issue for my personal collection. I simply add "punkduck" as a tag to the mhclo file.

Thank you for these pretty heels

I found 1 and a half issues though:
1.: The normals of the sole are pointing inwards.
1.5.: You cheated with the glossy toe-nails, didn't you?
Apart from that it's another elaborated cloth from you. Well done!

(Consider providing the alternative skin-png's for sake of completeness? And since you mixed dielectric with metallic materials, how about a spec-map?)

Changed normals ...

Oops, sorry for the normals. I changed the .obj file. It is one of my first build shoes (e.g. too many faces for the strap at the backside).

Have a guess who supplied the toe-nails ;-)

Sorry I was too lazy to export a character again for the demo picture, so I take Evi (nude with shoes only) out of my library without thinking about the nails. The models are supplied with all the gimmicks like finger- and toe-nails, tear-fluid and hair. The toe-nails are lowered 8cm to the ground and fixed on the shoe-feet combination in Blender ...

Here you can see, why that was happening:


(file evi_heels.blend) :-)

I must check if a glossy map makes sense in future, I normally use shader combinations which cannot be emulated with a glossy map ...
And if other skins are needed, I leave that to the customer as an exercise ... maybe also males should wear heels (I don't do it, by the way ...).

Beautiful as always!

Beautiful as always!

However, could you also add a version without feet, as this interferes with other clothing around the feet such as stockings or toenails, and other skins such as the African/Asian ones. Additionally, IMHO, the angle of the feet inherently belongs to the pose instead of the clothes. Like here, where the feet are tilted normally: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/clothes/high_heels_library.html.

For foot pose

For the foot pose just use the special foot pose that Jonas provided for his high_heel_shoes test it's a .bvh file that should be placed in v1/data/special_poses/foot you wil have to edit the .mhclo file adding "special_pose foot medium_high_heels.bvh" as a seperate line right after the tags you can find the bvh file on the forum Jonas(duststorm) hasn't uploaded it to the pose repo yetsadif you can't find it give me a poke on the forum and I will added to the poses section ;)

Enjoy the Choice

I don't think you quite get

I don't think you quite get my point ;)

I know about posing. Using a special pose for the shoes is actually what I *want* to do, but what isn't supported by this model. It's made in such a way (by including the feet in the clothes), that the pose actually looks good if you *don't* use a special pose. Using a special foot pose would actually cause the feet to have twice the required angle, i.e. your model would stand on her tiptoes. Fixing the pose in a custom pre-posed body geometry makes posing slightly easier (with the pre-made poses you wouldn't have to do any additional manual posing at all), but it's quite a hassle to fix the textures, materials, other objects attached to the feet etc. Given that manually changing the pose in Blender to make the feet point slightly downward is only about 2 mouse clicks and 2 key presses, while fixing textures, materials and the posing of other feet-dependent objects is very many clicks+key presses each, I think it's a lot more efficient to include just the shoe model in the file, without any of the body geometry.

IHMO standing on tip of toes is only half of the way ...

You are not only standing on the tip of the toes when you wear heels --- one reason because these heels are unhealthy is the narrow toebox. And so I not only changed the pose, I also pushed the toes together. It looks more elegant, like in reality. I tried it the other way. I didn't like the result. I was aware of what the problems are (see description), but for me the visual result is most important.

I kinda get your point -

I kinda get your point - changing the body geometry from within a clothes file is - alas - not possible (yet?). Shame though, as it pretty much disqualifies this beautiful asset from many uses.

Pose on ground

Nice shoes, pro : toes have a nice looking ; con : feet are not on the floor and with some assets (like my stocking) some part appear in front of it. I will discuss for that in the appropriate topic. Thank's for it !

For me; it is an excellent

For me; it is an excellent work...
I was about to forget thinking about create female characters due to poor shoes library in the original MH application..!!
Now with your (shoes) production my females will not be embarrassed from being Barefoot..!!
Thank you


make every kind of shoe and everything else