Gina Carano Action Figure

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What I like best about the new body sliders is how realistic they are. This is the standard female model, with above average Height and Weight, but full Muscularity and especially Full Proportion. Also my favourite Hair Mesh, the new braid. This model is designed for action animations.


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Just wondering if her clothes

Just wondering if her clothes are available anywhere

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thank you for sharing

OOOPS...found them

Doesn't seem to work

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You should note on this that it requires the nightly build and on the Mac version, it needed the unstable build to get a version that supports this model. Otherwise they will get the following message: "Could not load material for proxy" and then followed with a UUID number for the (Braid01). Took me awhile to figure out how to find the enhanced version of MakeHuman under the nightly builds. Now I also have ways to pose characters and use expressions as well as more clothing and hair options.

All assets have a

All assets have a compatibility listed. If it says "1.1.x", that means the unstable nightly build.