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As promised, I've tried to make a chain collar for slave outfit. I've also tried to make an actual one-piece collar, but it appears as though everything around the neck of MH model gets deformed pretty bad. I have no idea as to how to fight this. It looks a bit better with chain collar, but it's still far from perfect. I've shown it on the base MH model, on actual models it only gets worse. For the texture I used a free one from It appears to be unburdened. Anyway, it will work just as well with any metal texture. UPD 02/09/2015: I have remade the collar with special vertex group so that it won't be deformed quite so badly. It works much better now, but there still may be problems with particularly large characters or ones with really thick neck.


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Good try, but Makeclothes will need a bling material to do this.

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You've discovered the same problem that the users of Marvelous Designer complain about. Anything metallic or ceramic that is integrated into a garment design is treated as cloth, rather than 'bling'.   If MH can do this in one step (with two dissimilar materials) that would be good thing indeed.   As a side note, chain rings are very easy to create in Blender 2.7x.  There's quite a few tutorials on it. All you need is a ring mesh (torus), an empty, and an array modifier.  Twirl the empty and the chain happens almost by magic.

Yes, you are right, there

Yes, you are right, there needs to be special modifiers for materials in MH regarding how they are deformed if at all. For things like armor (that have both rigid parts and soft bendy parts) that is almost essential. I hope something like that will be added eventually. As of now there'd not even a multi-material support, let alone materials with different physical properties.

For the chains of any kind I use an addon called Oscurart chain It allows to create a crude chain out of any armature and then pose it into necessary position. That is perhaps a bit less of a hassle than using the array modifier, but it has its quirks too.

Bad texture?

something is wrong and the texture isn't working for this (and a couple things)
what am i doing wrong?

Open the mhmat file in a text

Open the mhmat file in a text editor and make sure the file names match what you saved the texure files as. 

Your engine seems to have

Your engine seems to have added _0 to the file name again. Can you fix this for us please?

Okay, I reuploaded the

Okay, I reuploaded the texture, also the preview picture was gone again so I reuploaded it, but now I can't upload anything named preview.png. Joel, what have you done?

I've now made a change which

I've now made a change which (I think) will allow upload of several files with the same name, as well as voiding the bug which blocked re-uploading the same file. 

Please test.

Anyway, worst case scenario if something is completely FUBAR: Delete the post and re-upload. This should also remove all files which was related to the post.