Five Particle Hairstyles

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This .blend contains five particle hairstyles, plus six procedural cycles hair colors and a plain world background. Illustration model and background not included.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero


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Nice Work

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Very cool share Marg, good work on the stylings!

Download on makehuman

Awesome ! Would it be possible to have these hairstyles for download on makehuman?


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Particle hair can be used on MakeHuman models that have been imported into Blender (scale only in object mode, never in edit mode and make a backup copy of the hair before messing with it at all), but MakeHuman only supports mesh hair.

Now, particle hair can be converted into mesh hair and run through MakeClothes, but it's not a simple process and the results are, at best, of mixed quality. The particle hairs I've uploaded here are CC0 (public domain), which means that if anyone wants to use them to make mesh versions for MakeHuman, they are free to do so and don't even need to give credit -- although it would be nice, if they did.

It's really a shame!

It's really a shame! For people who only use makehuman and not blender, what frustration! Because the hairstyles proposed by makehuman, especially for men, are too rare and are sorely lacking. In any case, if one day you have a little time, think of us to increase the collection! In general, thank you for your high quality work.

Preciso de ajuda!

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Oi, eu ainda não consegui fazer com que este seu programa seja funcional no makehuman e não entendo bem do blender, mas meu maior motivo de entrar em contato com vocês é por observar seus trabalhos e boas quantidades eu já tenho e tem me ajudado muito, e foi pensando nisto que gostaria de sugerir, que tal fazer roupas da Supergirl, Superman, mulher gato, arqueiro verde, John Johnson, Alex Denversn (irmã da Supergirl - Kara Denvers), wolverine, Magneto, Elektra ou até mesmo do demolidor, o que acha?

I don't really do fan art

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I don't really do fan art myself, but there are others who may be into that sort of thing.

Use particle hair from another file?


I am a recent arrival to Blender and I can more or less muddle through most processes. However, I do not know how to pick a separate hairstyle like yours and put it in another character. I can do hair alright? But how do you get one character's hair into another given that the hair must be bound to the skull mesh of the characters? How do you tell a mesh that a bunch of hair from elsewhere is its own?

Anyone knows how?