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Some vertices of the body couldn't be masked by the "delete"-vertex group. You will have to push and pull them a bit in edit mode. Designed for subdivision surface level 2. +++ Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA (


CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





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Amazing Corset!

THANK YOU!! You did amazing job with this corset, hope that the final version will be even more amazing!
I would like to use it in my 3D pictures, please tell me credit "corset by Grinsegold" will be enough for You as an autor?

Once again thank You in advance for future assets :D




"Corset by grinsegold" would be great.

Useless because it won't export either

Just like your Bow Tie hair, this too does not export out of MakeHuman using MHX2.
Your "wig_bun" exports just fine, but these two give an error about 2 seconds into the export.

Sorry to hear that

Since at least one other user managed to export it (i assume that he did), maybe the problem is on your hardware side. Do you have only little ram? Or you use a different build? Please make a thread for this topic on the "bugs and problems" page. Maybe an admin can test if it works generally. Have you tried yet to import only the obj-file into blenter with the "Test Clothes"-button in order to redo the cloth?

Not an issue afterall

Sorry Grinsegold, it was the Bow Tie Hair.

I didn't realize that I was trying the corset with the Bow Tie hair at the same time and that the hair was messing things up.
It's not my computer, the corset (and now the hair you fixed) work fine together :)

The corset is very dark too, like the hair. I don't think its my settings because I am trying it on models whose skin and everything else is coming out very well lit.

Excellent job you've done here :)

The corset works for me when

The corset works for me when exporting with MHX2. If you get an error, it'd be helpful if you pasted it. 


look up three posts

Turns out it was his Bow Tie Hair causing the problem...


Amazing assets, the most beautiful work that I have seen there. I upload Collar-02 to add with it !