Asymmetric Tunic and Sash


A sleeveless woman's tunic with asymmetric seams and hem, with a sash around the hips. Fitted on the female base human. The diffuse texture is derived from GIMP's built-in Wildflowers pattern and one of my really old procedural textures where I was attempting to make wood and not succeeding (makes pretty good stripes, though). The normal and specular maps come from a desaturated fabric photo and an old pattern where I literally modelled thread with lots and lots of tiny cylinders. (A grayscale bump map was baked first, then I used that to bake normals.) Most skirts/pants/underwear should fit underneath with no or minor clipping, and there's enough mesh density in the chest area to fit most, ahem, cup sizes. Known Issues - Minor clipping or odd deformations occur in front of the armpits when the shoulders are rolled (you can see it on the Benchmark or other extreme arm poses). For now it's easy enough to hot-fix in Blender, until I figure out which helper verts are the guilty party. Plans - Add a tie for the sash. This might be better done as a separate accessory.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





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Great Addition

Great top. More are needed for the MH ladies. Very useful.


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I love this


Very nice and good binding !