Elvs Mens Apron1

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An apron for makehuman males. Tri mesh. One texture setup included. Made to go over the sweater suit set, should go over most clothes at lower z depth.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

MHMAT file: 

Optional thumb file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional normals texture: 

Optional illustration: 



Very good !

Impossible to download

Hello Elvaerwyn,
Very nice asset which would be very useful to me, but impossible to download it ... maybe still a question of pole?
Thank you in any case for what you can do and for the high quality of your assets.


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you got me nailed to the wall as per norm flute! will fix this with pole count hopefully that is all that is wrong....:P Glad you like the apron hon. Elv

Great !

It works! Thank you!

very good!

very good!

Dear Elvaerwyn, how do you

Dear Elvaerwyn, how do you write MHCLO files and MHMAT files?It's too complicated for me.I only know the art part.Can you help me?Can you write this document?Let this document be the result of our joint efforts and contribute to the development of makehuman.Thank you very much!If you don't have the time, can someone else help me?Thank you very much!I would try to come up with all kinds of biological structures. I'm learning from everyone. Thank you all! The inside body, just for reference, just needs the mouth, the ears, the hands and the legs.http://www.makehumancommunity.org/clothes/werewolfsend_it_to_culturalibr...

Its written by the program

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Allo 123-The files you need are written by the exporter for the makeclothes add on for blender. They are written at time of export and deposited in the clothing file for output in the makehuman program to be loaded on makehuman models. You can write your own versions of the files or copy and past the pertinent information to new ones if desired but it is a tighter workflow to let the exporter handle this.

Sorry, I misunderstood!

Sorry, I misunderstood!
My problem is that the werewolf I made cannot be put in makehuman. It seems that China cannot download the mhx2 plug-in and operate it, which is a pity! Can you help me put it in makehuman?, please? Thank you!

Dear culturalibre,I can't

Dear culturalibre,I can't understand the document sent to me. What a pity!