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Dear culturalibre, how do you write MHCLO files and MHMAT files?It's too complicated for me.I only know the art part.Can you help me?Can you write this document?Let this document be the result of our joint efforts and contribute to the development of makehuman.Thank you very much!If you don't have the time, can someone else help me?Thank you very much!I would try to come up with all kinds of biological structures. I'm learning from everyone. Thank you all! The inside body, just for reference, just needs the mouth, the ears, the hands and the legs.亲爱的culturalibre,你怎么写MHCLO文件和MHMAT文件?对我来说太复杂了。我只知道艺术部分。你能帮我吗?你能写这份文件吗?让这份文件成为我们共同努力的结果,为makehuman的发展做出贡献。非常感谢!如果你没有时间,别人能帮我吗?非常感谢!我会尝试想出各种各样的生物结构。我在向所有人学习,谢谢所有人!里面的身体,只是作为参考,只需要嘴巴,耳朵,手和腿。




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Other bodyparts



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MHMAT file: 

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Hello 123guzhanhong123

This is my opinion, i think it's better to move this question to the forum: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=20&sid=49fe251bd... .There are experienced people to help you.You will need makehuman plugins for Blender(3d software): makeclothes,makewalk,maketarget and also the mhx2.
I will help you if i can(i'm a beginner)but i recommend you to practise,be patient and if you get stuck, you only have to ask in the forum : )

thank you!

thank you!

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Hello culturalibre!

Mhx2 can't be downloaded here in China!What a pity

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Did you try different links?

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I haven't found any other links. Can you send me the download link directly?