FAQ:What is MPFB (MakeHuman Plugin For Blender)?

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The MakeHuman Plugin for Blender is a plugin which enables direct communication with MakeHuman from Blender. The main feature is that you get a one click import button that fetches the current character as displayed in MakeHuman into Blender, without the need to first export to a file. The import will handle rigging, proxies, clothes and materials.

Other features include:

  • Automatic support for both Eevee and Cycles (the old Blender Internal renderer is not supported)
  • Ability to switch between FK and IK
  • Adds convencience modifiers for showing/hiding helper geometry
  • Able to add enhanced skin shading with, for example, SSS
  • Kinect integration

The blender plugin is available for download from the plugins page and is bundled in the makehuman download for windows.

For instructions on how to install it, see FAQ: How do I install a plugin in Blender 2.80?

Not that for the import from MakeHuman to work, you also need to enable the socket server on the community->socket tab in MH.