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When applied to the 50% everything default morph, this target masculinizes the body, and as requested by a user, reverts the head back to its original base.obj form. This target probably still has some bugs that need to get ironed out. I'm also open to suggestions for what to name my targets.




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this is good

this is good

i wonder

could you please make a small demonstration how you create these targets? I have some issues with them. Maybe with 1 or 2 screenshots :)

creating mix n match targets

First, background for lurkers/newbs: the character you see when you start MH is created by applying a mix of macro targets (1/6 african female, 1/6 african male, 1/6 asian female, etc) to a "base.obj" model which is still androgynous, but looks rather different from the gender neural model you can access in MH. But this base.obj is the one maketarget and makeclothes uses as its gender neutral model.
There's a target I made that lets you see the original base.obj form in MH.
Sometimes I make targets that are meant to be used in conjunction with it. I don't think this is one of them, although it's hard to find this masc body target in my huge sprawling folder.

Generally, what I do is:
0) have the source code downloaded, so I can load the official targets in maketarget
1) create a vertex group for the body part I want to affect (or the other way around, for example if I wanted to have only the lips of the unmodified base.obj)
2) In the shape keys area (under the list of vertex groups) I use the vertex group,
2.5) then change the vertex group until the result is to my liking. Unfortunately maketarget can't save these modified targets properly.
3) Duplicate the object
4) Apply all the shapekeys to the duplicate
5) Select the duplicate, then the original (or a third, fresh human, so I dont have to deactivate all the targets)
6) "Load secondary from mesh" on the original
7) finally be able to save target and see in makehuman

the ones where you have to use it with my are simpler to make. for the ones that don't, like this one, they're more complex to make. I model the secondary target to look correct with the 1/6 everything applied (I made a target for this too). Or a more complicated mix, like for the target on this page, probably. And then when it's time to save, turn off the mixed race target, and save only the one I want. Then it will temporarily look off in MT, but look like I want in MH.

Buuuuut, sometimes it still messes up, and it does a thing where the clothes don't morph with the body? This appears to be the case with (I meant it to be used with the gender neutral model, and it will look weird and jagged on a 100% male model, but for me, even by default, it seems shirts aren't placed correctly. )

I should have put this huge

I should have put this huge post in a forum thread.... I can still make one, with screenshots




I put up a detailed tutorial in the tutorials section.

many thanks

So i didn't find the macro-targets because i couldn't? Good news. I thought i was too dumb. Maybe i am. Sourcecode.. sounds fancy. Beyond me anyway. So i'd say it's good to have you around. Good to hear that smart people are working on the consistency of MH.
I guess you know my problem with my Nefertiti-model. I retopo-ed a scan of the buste , meaning snapping vertices of the MakeTarget-default female onto the surface of the scan, until it looked the same. I didn't recall the unconsistency of maketarget and MH, so i ran into the known issues. I thought, a target file tells MH, how big the difference of the location of a vertex is, comparing the default MH toon and the modified maketarget toon. So, if i want the user to be able to use the model while the gender slider is set to female (since Nefertiti is female), the base model should be default female as well, right? But when i export a model from MH, whose only tweak is that i set the gender slider to full female, and i set this Export as base in Blender, and i then apply the Nefertiti mesh as target from mesh, the outcome is a total mess - vertex order i guess. That's why i am so confused: what seems to be logical, doesn't work as expected. So i have no clue. Have you an idea? Do you think it would help to have a target that transforms the average female maketarget human into a default female MakeHuman toon, and then applying the Nefertiti onto that?

you're welcome

The "average" male/female in maketarget is actually caucasian, so you'll get a different result than the default mixed-race MH human.
The source code is on bitbucket. It looks like unless you have advanced bitbucket knowledge, you have to download the entire source code at once, from here:
The macro targets are in makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/. Be warned that there are a lot of targets in there. The "[race]-[gender]" files are the ones I usually use.

I'm still not sure how to use an exported human as base. Exporting with helpers might work, but I think it still might have been messed up anyway? I don't remember. But you can choose to export with the same hair/skirt/etc helper geometry you can get in maketarget/makeclothes.
(And I found that it's not easy to use the source code targets to replicate an existing character in maketarget, because of the weird way the targets are organized in the source code - there's secretly a separate target for every combination of min/max slider in the macro tab. )

I'll post a forum thread too later, with picks and clicks.