Fully close mouth


Facial detail


By default the lips are just slightly parted, this target closes them completely so that the teeth or inside of the mouth are not exposed. A higher setting is required for female characters than for male characters.




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good idea

Come to think of it, the default lip position may be why I've had trouble making proxies in the past. The lip verts would always tend to get messed up, and this must be why.

In makehuman, there's a bit of a groove on the underside of the upper lip, which I also tended to notice when trying to make proxies/targets based on models with closed lips. (That's using the startup morph. With base.obj, it looks totally natural. The verts you moved are at the sharp corner on the base.obj, while in the startup morph the lip is smoother, and those verts are part of the "ceiling" of the upper lip.)

fully close mouth

This is one of my pet peeves----the teeth look too white (not shaded) and make the model look too "Fake". Being somewhat of a portrait artist, this aggravates me---perhaps this file is what I need.


Check out body extensions -> mindfront's teeth for more realistic teeth. (And they have only four stars, because I guess everyone else here prefers their half-naked girls to have unrealistically shiny white teeth...)


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Dude, this is exactly what I was looking for! You literally just saved me and my character! Thank you so much!