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Applies the default 33% african/asian/caucasian, 50% male/female mix. I uploaded a picture of the target as applied in makehuman just for fun, but it's actually meant to be used in maketarget; you load target from file and use it to preview how the targets you're working on will actually look in makehuman. Then when you're ready to save your target, set it back to zero (or check "only save active target"). Edit: changed image from "target as applied in makehuman" to a quick demonstration of how I use it in maketarget (in blender).




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Maybe this target needs a slight touch up

At a first glance the screenshot doesn't really match the aspect of default base mesh, you are used to, when starting up MakeHuman. Obviously here is a problem with the preloaded targets weighting. Since each ethnic is mixed in with 33.3333% and each ethnic target consists of a female and male version, each of this ethnic-dependent targets should get a weighting of round about 16.666667%. I felt free to add the output of selectedHuman.targetsDetailStack for the base mesh (after starting up MakeHuman). The string value is the loaded target file with its absolute path and the float value the weighting of the target.

{u'$HOME/makehuman/makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/': 0.16666666666666663,
 u'$HOME/makehuman/makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/': 0.16666666666666663,
 u'$HOME/makehuman/makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/': 0.1666666666666667,
 u'$HOME/makehuman/makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/': 0.1666666666666667,
 u'$HOME/makehuman/makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/': 0.16666666666666663,
 u'$HOME/makehuman/makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/': 0.16666666666666663,
 u'$HOME/makehuman/makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/': 0.5,
 u'$HOME/makehuman/makehuman/data/targets/macrodetails/': 0.5

This was the complicated version.

And here the lazy solution: Use the sync mesh add-on from the community-plug-ins to sync the loaded base mesh in MakeHuman ...

Edited this comment. See below...

more like 0th glance

I think I didn't explain clearly enough... it's obvious it doesn't look right in makehuman, because it's not supposed to be used in makehuman. I uploaded the image of the target as applied in makehuman just for laughs, but it does actually look correct when you apply it in maketarget. It's already made from a combination of 16.667% all those things (except for the two averagemuscle targets, hmm...). I just made this for myself so I could just load one target instead of having to manually load and set all those other ones every time, and thought, hey maybe someone else would find it useful too?

I guess to make it less confusing I should just upload a screenshot from inside blender, where I've been using it.

(I also uploaded the inverse of this target yesterday, "anti base", that when applied to the default MH startup human, removes all the races and sets it back to the base mesh as seen in maketarget.)


Ok, sorry, my bad. I just commented on what I saw, and didn't test it within Blender. And I missed the image was taken from MakeHuman. Though I don't mind making jokes, maybe we should be a little careful, what kind of images we post. Otherwise, it might be possible we scare off less experienced users.

Just tested the target within Blender and it works as expected, so changing my rating to 5*.

Yeah, sorry about that... I

Yeah, sorry about that... I didn't realize anyone would actually find it useful!

Good idea

This is very helpful. I've been meaning to patch MakeTarget/MakeClothes to allow for selecting a default MH toon from the dropdown list, but this makes things almost as easy.

super useful

thanks! i used this to match the maketarget obj to the default character so that i can create shapekeys to fix poseing issues. works perfect