Anime Stylized (Enhanced)


Large modification


Oscalon may have stopped working on this, but I haven't. This is a modified/fixed/enhanced version of his anime target. I primarily use it in non-100% amounts to add a degree of stylization to characters, of either sex. To that end, I restored the original shape of the eye sockets to fix the default expressions. I flattened the eyeballs somewhat (by editing the helper) to correct the "bug-out" effect at strong %s. And custom-fitted the helper geometry in general to unfreak any freaked clothes.




CC0 - Creative Commons Zero

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That's nice, I'm sure it'll

That's nice, I'm sure it'll make a lot of people happy.

Just checking though: Is the target actually made for 1.0.x?


I was a little confused about version numbers and thought I was still using 1.0 Xo