Female tree demon


Female tree demon with exposed brain and internal organs.Red and green complementary color, the bark of the green and red brain viscera made a bright contrast, let the brain viscera special eye-catching.The rough bark provides a sharp contrast to the smooth inner parts of the brain, which are more prominent.Life's blows, let me like her so painful.女树妖,有外露的大脑和内脏。红与绿的互补色,使树皮上的青绿与红脑脏器形成鲜明的对比,让脑脏器特别醒目。粗糙的树皮与光滑的大脑内部形成了鲜明的对比,后者更为突出。生活的打击,让我像她那样痛苦。


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People cut down many trees to

People cut down many trees to build tall buildings.Tree demon born in pain, revenge on mankind.This design can be used for environmental welfare animation.人们砍伐许多树木来建造高楼。树妖在痛苦中诞生,报复人类。本设计可用于环境公益动画。



Great skins

Just a suggestion,the thumb file has to have the same name as the mhmat file, otherwise it is not previewed.Thanks !