Eves Young Light Skin Caucasian Female


A 20's something blond with a medium light complexion. A few interesting scars. I hope someone finds her useful. If you do please show her a little appreciation and vote her up. Attribution for the photo references used goes to 3d.sk with their kind permission.


CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution



MHMAT file: 

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Comments on this skin

I love this skin. Very nice looking, however I have a few nits to pick.

MHMAT File: has the wrong file name for the diffuse texture. Was Eves_Young_Light_Skin_Caucasian_Female.png in the MHMAT file and I edited to Eves_Light_skin_Caucasian_Female.png

Texture itself:
Each ear has a white (white gold? Silver?) dot on the earlobe. I presume that is supposed to be earings. Probably doesn't need to be there considering earrings are one of the assets you download.
Blond hair pattern. While I don't overly object to it I'll probably though load the texture into Gimp and erase it since I normally either add one of the mesh hair assets (which if it is texture brown will look funny with the hair there) or make particle hair, a process I'm still working on learning.
Red hair ribbon. Kinda looks glued in place.

more interesting is the darker patch behind the ears that doesn't blend well into the neck. There is a hard line between the front and sides of the neck. Right behind the ears.

I hate to be critical but I'm interested in this texture and want to contribute.

Errors in original submission

Yes, I messed it up. I uploaded the wrong graphic and misspelled the skin name in the mhmat file. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I replaced the skin graphic and the mhmat file both so the skin should work as I intended now. Yes, the white dots are heart shaped ear studs. I generally leave what ever I find on the reference photo in the skin texture. Thats why the ear rings are there and the hair. Feel free to erase or airbrush them out as you wish. Most people add their own hair. I didnt have in mind that someone would use the hair as I painted it. Feel free to air brush it out or cover it with hair of your own design and color. Same with the ear rings.
The neck on the file I uploaded originally was a mess. You are right! I replaced the files and would like to say thank you for taking the time to point it out. All help is appreciated.

your welcome

I know I was horrified when I made the same mistake with the mhmat file for one of my submissions. Relative path was messed up, instead of having it the working directory it was one up and one down.

When I see new skin materials I always download them and check them out. I guess I'm obsessed with skin material.

Been trying to come up with a more realistic material for Filipinos. Why? When I was in the military I thought they were really nice people (away from the Olongopo "establishments) who had very generous hearts. They were my second favorite Asian people with my first favorite being Koreans. Haven't started on those yet.