Eve Hill's Young_Hispanic_Female


Young Hispanic Female. I posted this skin once before and it was taken down. I dont know how to use the message board so missed that someone had questioned my rights to publish the skin because of copyright by 3d.sk. Its been a year.. LoL and finally I figured out how to read P.M.'s to me on the board. So, I verified with 3d.sk my license and they agreed to let me post skins as long as I give them attribution. If you want to do the same thing, negotiate your own deal with them. If you like the skin, drop me a line or drop me a note... just please dont P.M. me on the message board because I probably wont see it. Give it some love (stars). I need encouragement.


CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution



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Thank You

Great skin, thank You very much :D

cool beans

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Right on glad to see this finally worked itself out buddy!

Took me a week of back and

Took me a week of back and forth negotiating over email to get it done, but yes, finally!