Caucasion Female Custom Skin 2


An updated version of my previous file made from scratch with some changes to the diffuse, included a normal, spec, and height (in place of displacement). Let me know what you think via comment, or rating.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero



MHMAT file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional normals texture: 

Optional specular (glossy) texture: 

Optional displacement texture: 

Optional illustration: 


Issue with this skin

I'm getting the "texture not found" image on the avatar I tried to apply it to. I suppose I could go in and edit the mhmat file but that doesn't help others that might want to download it.

mhmat fix

oh man forgot to even check that, I re-uploaded and that should be fixed now.

mhmat fix

Don't beat yourself up for it... I've done it too.