Caucasion Female Custom Skin 1


This texture was made from scratch using substance painter and I wanted to share with the community. Textures are 4k so just a heads up. I was hoping to get some sort of feedback via ratings or comments. This texture is made for the Adult Female Genitalia (new) HEALED topology. hope this works out for someone.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero



MHMAT file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional normals texture: 

Optional specular (glossy) texture: 

Optional illustration: 


Caucasion Female Custom Skin 1

I applied this to a "test human" to see how it looks and it looks good to me. I did a bit of fiddling to the shader (node group) that importing using the Blender MH plugin didn't include the normal or the glossy map. Nor is there provision in the node group to do so, therefore I went into the node group and grafted them in. Added a normal map node with the normal map plugged into it feed its output into the bump node. The glossy map I wasn't sure of what to do with. I tried pluggin it into the metalness input of the principled shader and the specular input. Neither seemed to have an appreciable effect on the final render.