Annotated skin


This is a demonstration skin which marks locations of various body areas and seams. Connection points are labeled with letters and colors. Outside the skin texture as such, there are explanatory labels. The XCF file has the labels on separate layers.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero



MHMAT file: 

Optional thumb file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional XCF/PSD file: 

Optional illustration: 


Indian female of the old Alpha 7

That one indian female of the older alpha 7 with the tattos is why I haven't deleted it yet. I understand that there's some way to put it into the current version. But for me, I'm still a bit lost with blender. Even after 10 months, I'm still confused. It would be nice if someone could recreate her in the new version. I also like the buttocks version of the alpha 7 over the current ones. I don't have a understanding about the targets yet, but when I do figure it out, I will make it like the alpha 7. Meanwhile I still have a long way to go. This is a wonderful program indeed. but some of it is like chinese language to me. I probably need to find a modeler's dictionary to figure out what some of the terms and components are. and what they do. EX: uv, materials to textures and the difference between. Mapping got me dumbfounded, wraping and many of other things I dont' understand. Is there an online class for blender with a teacher? Free of charge, no tuition required? I like to know.

Blender Tutorials

If you are still pretty lost with Blender, there is an amazing beginner tutorial series on YouTube. If you look up Jacob Lewis and watch all 10 of his "Blender Absolute Beginner" tutorials, you'll have a basic understanding of many of the important features of Blender and from there you can look up some of the many many character modeling tutorials. Hope this helps:)

Google Sketchup

It's probably just a sketchup issue, but I havent't figured it out yet. When I try to export from blender, import into sketchup. The textures don't go in. Only the mesh. I don't know why. But any other item like turbosquid freebies and another one, They import properly without any issue. Obj, Dae, Stl and two others, Neither imports the textures into sketchup, so I end up coloring inside sketchup with whatever I have in jpg, or png. It must be some sort of blender texture setting that I don't know about.

You'll probably be better off

You'll probably be better off asking questions like this on the forums rather than in a comment, since more people will see forum posts. However, this gives me the idea of a glossary kind of wiki page. I'll see to adding one. 

good idea

especially the seems will help me a lot. And the .xcf file is an extra bonus. Thanks for this.