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I've taken the existing "Adult female genitalia" proxy, and changed its UV map, so that it uses the genitalia textures created for the "Adult female genitalia old" proxy: you'll find these on the left sides of the texture files for all of the skins whose names end in "female genitals". The result isn't perfect, because the "female genitalia" and "female genitalia old" proxies have somewhat different topologies (that's why the newer one was created--the older one doesn't look much like the real thing); in addition, both proxies are somewhat asymmetrical, in different ways (the old one more so than the new one). These two factors result in a certain amount of stretching, but the end result looks pretty good, and it avoids the necessity of having to create textures for all 10 of the "female genitals" skins (and 7 more user-created skins based on them), which is obviously a job nobody has been prepared to do. EDIT: Discovered I'd accidentally copied over the UUID from the old proxy, which kept the new proxy from saving correctly. UPDATE: Added a tag to the PROXY file. The one major problem to note (which also exists when the same skins are used with the "Adult female genitalia old" proxy for which they were created) is that the borders between the remapped section and the rest of the body have sudden color changes in the area behind the vagina. I've done what I could to minimize the problem, by adjusting the boundaries of both the remapped faces and the adjoining faces on the main texture so that their borders run through colors that match as closely as possible, but you'd have to redo the skins to eliminate the issue entirely, which would to some extent defeat the purpose of the present effort. The same problem exists, to a much smaller extent, along the borders of the front of the remapped area as well (that is, the top of the pubic mound), but it's barely noticeable from most angles. The THUMB file, BTW, is simply a copy of that used for the other two female genitalia proxies.


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Well done. I tried to do this

Well done. I tried to do this myself a while back and failed completely.

Re: Well done. I tried to do this

It was just a matter of going area by area and figuring out where the faces of the old proxy fell on the texture, and then finding the faces covering the equivalent areas on the new proxy--more tedious than anything else.

Very useful

Thank You, it's very useful but I think that we already need new proxy ;)

Re: Very useful

What do you mean?


I can only find the"old" in my topology tab. I use 1.1.1. And the textures are all fine. Where exactly was the problem?

Re: ???

There are two female genitalia proxies available in "User contributed assets", both of which formerly appeared in the base distribution. The older one is named (appropriately enough) "Adult female genitalia old". The female skins that end with "genitalia" were all designed for that proxy, each with a highly detailed genitalia texture that lies to the left of the main texture. That texture is pink on the interior faces, with wrinkles and stubble on the exterior. These skins will work with other proxies, including those with genitalia, but, without a UV map in the crotch area of the model that points at the detailed genitalia texture, you'll get genitalia that are the same color as the rest of the flesh.

The newer genitalia proxy, which formed the basis for mine, is called "Adult female genitalia" (this was, presumably, the former name of "Adult female genitalia old"). From the standpoint of geometry, this one looks much more realistic than the old one, which can only be described as "puffy". If you don't look very hard at the old one, you might not notice any problems, but if you switch quickly back and forth between it and the default human, you'll notice it looks almost as if the model were wearing a padded garment over her pubic mound; in other words, it doesn't merely add labia and a vagina, but changes the shape of the entire area.

The problem with the newer genitalia proxy is that a) it doesn't map to the old genitalia textures (leaving it pointing to the undifferentiated flesh color in the crotch area that the default, genitalialess human uses), and b) users (or rather one user) have contributed only two textures suitable for it, with genitalia details in the crotch area--they're both for young caucasians, and neither of them is nearly as detailed or realistic-looking as the old textures. My proxy lets you use the superior geometry of the newer proxy with the multitude of textures (a total of 20, I think) designed for the older proxy.


i already noticed that this topic is of the utmost interest, regarding the view count of the topic "realistic vagina" as presumably being by far the most frequently visited one, transforming the purpose of MH into MakePorn. And i'm not surprised to hear that in real life even non-caucasian women have a "box", so i clearly understand your undertaking now. Good work! Maybe we could merge the textures? Why keeping the ones without boxmap? Does it hurt the puritan's brain if he has a box-texture in his asset folder? He isn't forced to load the respective mesh, is he...? So: couldn't/shouldn't we, for the sake of visual simplicity, replace the sex-less textures in the basic MH entirely?

Re: vagina

You can't merge the individual textures because, while they all follow exactly the same spatial pattern (they are, after all, made for the same UV map), the colors of each correspond to the overall skin colors of their "parent" textures.

Yes, you could replace the "sex-less" textures entirely, and nobody would notice from inside the MH interface, but anyone poking around the data directory would notice if he opened up the files in question, and that raises a possibility of complaints that, while not as likely as complaints about items visible within the interface, is still very real.

nice work

thanks for sharing... it works fine to me. I belive any further refinement should be done in the modelling software (blender, maya, etc...), for the purpose of make a realistic human being (not the Kevin smith 'Dogma' angel type) its very good.