Adult Female Genitalia (new) HEALED


Like the "old" female genitalia proxy, the newer one (named simply "Adult Female Genitalia") did not deform properly when morphed or animated. I regenerated the proxy with a simple projection along Y, and it works OK now. The UVs stay close to those of the original OBJ, in that they do not map to the detailed female genitalia texture (which works best with the "old" proxy). Instead I used the male genital regions that are present on all of the base textures. The result is a bit toon-like, but I think it fits in well with the coarse detail of the mesh itself. If you prefer the "remapped" UVs by MTKnife, you can use that OBJ instead, since it's the exact same topology (be sure to remove the binary *.npz file after you swap the *.obj, so that MakeHuman knows to regenerate the topology with the new UVs). Future versions may include remodeling/retexturing, but really it's the messed-up vertex weights that I felt like fixing. P.S. I also cleaned up a few vertices in the neck area that were shifted for no apparent reason, and made sure the proxy was entirely symmetric (except maybe for the UVs).


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Looks great! If you find

Looks great! If you do want to swap out the OBJ files, and you've loaded the proxy once already, remember to delete the compiled files (the ones in the same directory that weren't downloaded).

Good point

Good point. As of 1.1.1, the binary proxy file *.mhpxy and topology/UV file *.npz are regenerated only if they're outdated, i.e., if the respective *.proxy or *.obj file is newer than the *.mhpxy or *.npz. If you download a recent proxy, and replace its *.obj file with that of an older proxy (that you downloaded a while ago), then MakeHuman will have no reason to consider the *.npz as outdated, so the only way is to remove it from the directory.

how do you add this to MakeHuman?

I literally am not seeing any instructions how and where to drag these files in a folder into the proper location. All I see is vague references to Re-enable Proxies and its not like there is a "check" button top do this anywhere. Actual instruction would be appreciated.

Sorry about that

To my defense, there should really be a common set of instructions for using proxies somewhere (like, I dunno, here: ) - no sense giving a detailed how-to for each proxy if they all work the same way. Also, this isn't really relevant, but I hate how we're not allowed to add line breaks in these comments or in the description of an asset. It's hard to imagine a less convenient environment for writing up step-by-step instructions than a single line of text that wraps around the screen. Anyway, the hard way to add a proxy from here is to download all the files manually and put them into Documents/makehuman/v1/data/proxymeshes/FolderName/ , where "Documents" is your personal Documents folder as a Windows user (or a similar folder if you're on Mac or Linux), and "FolderName" is any sensible name, useful only to keep the proxies organized if you have many, such as if you're editing one and want to compare several iterations. It will still work if you just dump all the proxy files into Documents/makehuman/v1/data/proxymeshes/ The EASY way is to get the latest MakeHuman along with its "community plugins", and to install (that is, copy into the "plugins" folder next to makehuman.exe) the folder called 8_community_assets. If you do that and run MakeHuman, you will get a new functionality in the tab "Community/Download assets", which connects to this server and lists all the assets that you don't already have, allows you to filter them by category and to preview/download/install those that look the most interesting.

There was actually no update on 7/26/2018

To anyone poking around here after 7/26/2018, I didn't actually update anything. I just edited the description trying to get line breaks to work, to no avail.


How to download this files?