Slender 18 year old Caucasian male


This is the best I could do with the knowledge I have and the available tools. Model is a skinny nude Caucasian with long hair, bright blue eyes, custom skin, fingernails, toenails, eyebrows, default skeleton, and defualt penis length. His muscle is maximum, and weight is minimum. He uses the following custom targets maxed to 100: -Armpit -Elvs male nipple 1 -Harvey neck definition 1 -Harvey stomach muscles* -Harvey v cut v 1 -Septim sharp *Harvey's stomach muscles and Elvs maleproxy1 don't work well together for some reason. Elvs maleproxy1 is the best choice for making a male character, but it does something to Harvey's stomach muscles and makes them less defined. I tried to correct this, but I don't know how. Perhaps someone with some skill can improve on my design and make the muscles more defined. The body seems perfect in most other areas. Custom hair, genitals, skin, and nipples by Elv. No custom parts of the character are mine, I just used them. This character can be used as a base to be improved upon.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero



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