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Shelly Blake is a bronze tanned Caucasian female aged 29 years from New York City. She is tall and curvy with long ginger hair. She is a hippy chick, somewhat on the trashy side. She enjoys drinking wine and smoking weed. She is also a computer programmer and designer of artificial human skins (robots) and appointments. Shelly was modeled from the default base using the controls native to MakeHuman. She was tuned to have proportional fat and medium muscle. Her face has full features and a proper double chin. She is free to use for non commercial projects. Licenses apply to the linked assets. To generate her in MakeHuman as illustrated, you will need the following assets to be installed in your data directory: - Long01 Hair included with MakeHuman - - Long01 Hair Ginger material: - - Light skin female bronze: - - Eyebrow008: - - Mind Eyelashes 05: - - Eyes: High poly included with MakeHuman, cannot find link to green texture - - Mind teeth 06: - - Tongue01: - - Mind nails 03 long: - - Mind nails toes 01: - - vnecktop: - - Shortjeans: - - Skeleton: Default Rig included with MakeHuman - - Topology: Adult female 2020 v 01:


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...she is a real human.