Ronald Grump

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A model created in makehuman and using many custom targets and a few custom assets. Full list follows: Custom Targets used in the making of Ronald Grump-all approximate: Elvs_browfrownline1~60% Elvs_bulbousnose1~30% Elvs_crowsfeet1b~90% Elvs_drooped_eyelid1~40% Elvs_eyebags1a~100% Elvs_eyewrinkleextention1~90% Elvs_forhead_wrinkles1~80% Elvs_jowels1~80% Elvs_marionette_marks1~35% Elvs_nasolabial_fold1~50% Elvs_smokers_lines1~35% Elvs_sunken_cheeks1a~40% Elvs_wattle_jowel1~100% Buttocks_rot_int01~35% Close_lips~80% Coolflapearbill1~15% Ear_canal~15% Ears_in_5_squish~10% Elv_nosewide1~10% Elv_fatmalefeet1~50% Elv_malebackfat1~65% Elv_manboobs1~40% Elvs_manboobs2~35% Elvschinreboot~15% Elvslipreboot1~10% Face_flat_4~10% Forheadbulgelv1~15% Headbulge_elv1~35% Headbulge_elv2~25% Horizontal_headwarp1~10% Jawchinfaceshift1~10% Yaoi_chin2~30% Content used: Mind eyebrows 08 mind eyelashes 03 Elvs grump hair Elvs grump skin flacid_cock4


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Great work!

Wow, I can tell you put a lot of work into designing the custom targets/assets for this model. Great job!