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Lucy MacIntire is a petite and chubby young woman about 21 years of age. She is of Irish decent, from Fredricksburg in Newfoundland, Canada. Lucy is a curve model working for the fashion magazine circuit as a freelance artist. She is very easy going and fun loving, with a weakness for Stoli vodka and Kalua. She is a musician who enjoys playing her folk guitar while singing at coffee houses and small cafe settings. She is single and has no intentions of finding a boyfriend any time soon, but she is always interested in playing around with the right fellow now and then. Lucy was modelled in MakeHuman using a set of custom control targets. These can be downloaded and installed from the Assets/Targets page on this website. These files go into the MakeHuman/V1/Data/Custom folder. They will appear in the Modeling/Custom tab inside Makehuman once installed. When loaded in the program, Lucy will be nude. Dress her as you wish, but know that she likes loose fitting attire. If Hide Faces Under Clothing is selected in Geometries tab, some meshes will render torn if the cloth does not follow the base mesh topography and custom tageting. To learn more about Lucy's asset requirements and how to set her up as shown, please visit her forum page at http://www.makehumancommunity.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18973


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