Nightly builds for windows

We have now started to provide nightly builds of MakeHuman for windows. You can find a zip with the build here (look for the datestamped one ending with 

The builds will be created each night european time, provided something has changed since the last time it was built. Thus the date might sometimes be a few days back, but that only means that this was when the latest commit to master was made. 

The nightly build will also include the latest versions of all plugins, both for blender and makehuman. If you only want to download a plugin, there is a directory with nightly builds for plugins too.

We've started providing these builds in anticipation of a formal beta release during the immediate future. We would have released beta 1 already, but after we upgraded the third-part dependencies in our build pipelines we discovered that MH was incompatible with a later release of PyQt5.