Beta-testing user contribution areas

For various reasons it has traditionally been somewhat cumbersome to share makehuman assets with the community. Part of the motivation for separating the community pages (placed under from the official homepage (placed under has been to open up for user contribution areas.

To begin with, we will start accepting uploads of targets and models on an experimental basis and see how well it works. We have also added a wiki where users can add their own pieces of information, such as documentation and tutorials (we are still in the process of porting the old documentation to the wiki).

These services should be considered being in a beta stage right now, and it's entirely possible glitches will be found (so keep local copies if you upload stuff). In order to visit them, please see the following:

Any forum user can access these services by logging in using the forum name and password. Note that there is no single sign-on (yet), so even if you logged in on the forum, you may need log in again specifically for the new services.

If the experiment works well, we will add more areas for more advanced assets in the future.


Good software!

Good software!