Simplified workflow to Second Life.

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Simplified workflow to Second Life.

Postby Keep[IT]Simple » Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:15 pm

Incentive: After a few days of trying to find a way to use Makehuman characters in Second Life and OpenSim, after trying various versions of Makehuman and after frustrating myself /again/ with the counter intuitive blender, I decided to register and propose a simplified workflow to Second life.

The requirements for what Second Life expects (T-pose, normal, Skeleton, ...) are known.
So is the current collada output of Makehuman (in a given version).
The transformation from MakeHuman collada output to a collada file, correct for Second Life is a fixed series of known computations, which require no extra human input.

(If the last assumption is not true, could someone please explain what the problem is?)

Current workflow: Export (with the correct choices) from MakeHuman -> Import into Blender -> Fiddle around manually and save as Collada again -> Import in OpenSim/Second Life.
Proposed workflow: Export (with correct choices, like Skeleton) from MakeHuman -> run mh2sl mh_collada sl_collada -> Import in OpenSim/Second Life.

Where mh2sl is a script/program taking 2 file names as command line parameters: mh_collada is the path to the file to be converted. sl_collada is the name of the file produced by mh2sl.

With a new version of MakeHuman, the mh2sl maintainer could test, change and issue a new version of mh2sl fitting to the respective MakeHuman version. Users would download and use it and save hours and hours of work and tons of frustrations.

Blender users would also benefit from mh2sl as they could start drafting clothes etc. without doing any second life specific extra work.

Extra benefit for the MakeHuman developers: If, one day they decide to integrate a (working!) Second Life export into Makehuman itself, they have the perfect reference implementation they can test against.
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Re: Simplified workflow to Second Life.

Postby Manuel » Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:54 pm

The best workflow should be Makehuman -> SL/openSim
The problems are:

1) We don't have a regular SL betatester: someone that try our collada in SL and reports us technical details about the errors and problems to fix.
2) SL implements a rigging completely out of standards:

I think the effort to develop the script is more or less the same needed to fix the collada exporter in order to be SL compatible...

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