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using kinect 2.0 for mocap in blender

PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:17 pm
by Skalldyrssuppe
hey, i am trying find the best way of animating MH characters using the Kinect 2.0 system in win10, and wondered if anyone here had some input to share on the subject of what systems to use, there seems to be several out there, some cost 349 USD a year(cant remember the name cuz i skipped ahead immediatly when i saw the price) i also found a program called NI mate wich had a free version(with adds and some constrictions) wich seems promising, and the kinector wich needs some more work before you can get the desired result.

does anyone have some tips, ideas or personal experience to help me on this journey?
maybye someone have made a blender addon to eliminate the need for a "pipe"-program at all?

Best regards, Skalldyrssuppe

Re: using kinect 2.0 for mocap in blender

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:16 am
by RobBaer
You might want to take a look at this video: