Musician seeks collaborators (animators & game developers)

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Musician seeks collaborators (animators & game developers)

Postby dslc » Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:54 pm

Hi all. Hopefully this is not too "off-topic" (if so please let me so politely...).

I'm an amateur musician based in Dublin, Ireland, and am interested in collaborating with animators (and maybe game developers). I have tried my hand at animation over the years (including using MakeHuman) but - primarily due to time constraints - struggle to produce anything of quality.

My (music) portfolio can be found at . It's a constant work-in-progress. I emphasize that this is a music portfolio (As I mentioned ... I have tried my hand at animation - and think I might have an acumen for it - but have never had time to explore it in depth.)

More specifically ... I'm interested in people who could contribute to
  • animated shorts (maybe comic sketches), and
  • short music videos.
I am also interested in the possibility (who isn't?) of game development in the long-run (although I don't underestimate the amount of time and resources that would require).

I am posting this here because I think MakeHuman is an amazing piece of software and think it would probably be a mainstay of the sort of digital studio I would like to help co-found. I have been following makehuman development for several years, and trying to use it also (although not getting very far). I'm also inspired by open-source and free software, and hope it to be integral part of these efforts (if they go ahead).

More information (and what I would expect from people who apply) can be found at . (Please see that page - rather than this post - for the most up-to-date information. I will try to keep this post updated also however.)

Please note (if you might think of applying): I am not only interested in your aptitude or ability; I am also interested in your values. I would expect, for example, that anyone involved would be (at least remotely) sympathetic to open-source licensing and development, and not to be involved purely for the money.

If this is not suitable for this forum, perhaps people could direct me to a more suitable place? (I will quite likely mention on, e.g., and / or similar sites at some point.)
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