Suggestion: calves and T-shirts

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Suggestion: calves and T-shirts

Postby pterandon » Thu May 15, 2008 4:18 pm

Hello. I'd like to make two feature suggestions:

1) Calves. All the figures have calves which are kind of cylindrical and stubby. In the human condition, I see a lot more variety of shapes.

2) Clothes. I'm not asking for you to export another object which represents clothes on top of the figure (although that might be cool), but rather to have an option where the mesh of the chest of the character is the shape you'd see if it were covered with a tight T-shirt. I could use the characters with less work if they didn't look so, um, NUDE! :oops:

Thanks for the great product. I intend to make a small donation to cover bandwidth costs at the least. thanks.
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Re: Suggestion: calves and T-shirts

Postby TBruning » Fri May 16, 2008 3:52 am

After studying the model a bit, the initial state of the model's calves are undoubtedly stubby. MakeHuman does however, have a means to make the calf areas a bit longer ( less stubby ). Going into the "Body details" mode ( 6th button in the top menu ), clicking the Lower legs ( in the picture on the left ) and changing the first parametric widget thingy on the right from 0.0 to any number up to 1.0 will change the overall length of the lower-legs area. hth.

As far as clothes go.. well, I can't say whether or not the MakeHuman team has something like this in mind, but I'd guess it isn't a #1 priority at this point. I'm sure this is on the to-do list, but not at the top nor nowhere near. From a programmer's perspective, adding clothes that changes size and shape along with the model would likely require a great deal of time, thinking, preparation and then coding to accomplish as it would not be a trivial task. It may be far easier for users to make a generic T-Shirt and jeans by hand and scale them to fit each model and then, finally use clothFX in your chosen 3D app to make the clothes "hug" your model's curves. This is almost trivial in LightWave and Blender, not sure how easy it is in any others. hth.
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