A few suggestions, thank you, and hi I'm new!

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A few suggestions, thank you, and hi I'm new!

Postby ChrisSch » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:44 am

First of all, I just joined here a day ago, but been using Makehuman on and off the past couple years, and just wanna say thank you Makehuman team for giving us this amazing piece of software, and for free!

Now the suggestions, if I may.

1. I already saw somewhere on the forums a request for breasts direction, and saw it's coming in 1.2, but I just wanna +1 that and add another thing. Its the most notecable thing, and most needed, at least for me, to create realistic breasts of all shapes. Right now there's only just one breast shape with differing firmness.

Now I just wanted to suggest the way of handling the direction/angle. It would be great if the direction/angle was controlled by two sliders. One controlling the entire breast, and the other going from half the breast to the tip. I'll happily draw it if you'd like me to. I'm not the best 3D character artist, but I'm good at drawing.

2. Also it would be great to pass the limits of sliders, but that's not so important since it can be done manually.

3. And I hope that after that, you move to a bit more anime, stylized, and idealistic "hero/heroine" looks. But I understand that's probably far over the horizon. :)

I swear as soon as I'm making enough money I'll start throwing it into Makehuman if it'll speed up the development. I think its amazing and thanks again for making it.

PS. I LOVE the age slider. I was wow-ed when I moved it to the left and my character became a baby. :mrgreen:
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