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Blemish Painter!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:48 pm
by devrich
As soon as I make that last reply it popped in my head a new feature "Skin Material - Blemish Painter".

I know your team is working on some great things for MH right now but I wonder if we could add this as a possible feature in a future MH version such as maybe 1.2 down the line?

The idea for this feature would be to:

1: Select a "blemish" RGBA texture
2: zoom into the model close to where you want the blemish(es) to go
3: left click to add the blemish there ( or hold down CTRL to add/remove a blemish )

Then we do things like pimple, wart, scar, scrape, vein, muscle line, as well as "lighter" or "darker" or "hue change" from the specific spot

hmmmm yeah that would all take quite a lot of programming _but_ the result would be extremely fantastic for realitic real time character creation.

I imagine that we'd have to have MH make a local array to store the specific "blemish change" details
then on every draw/render frame:

1: make a local copy of the selected skin material
2: read the local array of the specific "blemish change" details and for each array element "apply" the blemish details to the local copy of the selected skin material
3: next frame repeat to 1:

Doing 1: ~ 3: that way would allow for users to change skin materials at any time and instantly see their blemishes without having to re-do their blemishes.

-- if i had the time; i would get into python and try to go for it but this is probably best left to the MH experts :)

Re: Blemish Painter!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:25 pm
by Manuel
Nice idea. A similar thing is already planned, but not for direct painting.

We decided to avoid the implementation of 3d texture painters, 3d sculpting painters and simiar things, because this kind of features are outside MH scope.
MakeHuman is defined as parametric editor, while these features are more likely a freehand process.