Errors on surface when rendered in ext. application (nudity)

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Errors on surface when rendered in ext. application (nudity)

Postby Philipp » Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:32 pm

Hi, I just downloaded Makehuman and I am excited about this piece of software, I can tell.
I saved my first creation as an .obj file. Anything worked fine up to there.
Then I imported the object to vue 6 esprit and tried to apply materials and to render it.

What happens then is that the rendering of the surface seems to leave out certain areas. I attached an image, where you can see this effect. There are some black spots coming from the back and underneath the breasts.
This may be due to some bug in Vue, though I thought I had better ask here, if this occurs in other softwares as well, or if the problem is known and there is any work around... I tend to think, that the .obj file has some sort of an error, because the spots under the breasts are exactly those, that already look weird in the MakeHuman Preview and I have never had any such problems in Vue.
See the black coming from the back and below the breast?

There is a second weird thing.. if I assign a material in vue (this is just something that will make the surface look in a certain color and with a certain amount of reflection etc.) the entire body will be effected by this except for the head. Is this normal... is the head somehow stored separately?
Does anyone know anything about these problems or can help me... I would love to play around a little with MakeHuman.

Thanks for the help, and congratulations for this excellent software.

Best Regards,

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Re: Errors on surface when rendered in ext. application (nudity)

Postby dogbite1066 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:18 am

I've also had bizzare results in Vue. Judging by your image it looks like you took the .obj file from MakeHuman directly into Vue. The problem is that the mesh generated by MakeHuman (at first)
looks really bad, it's chunky, rough, and has holes through it. The area under the female breasts always has holes.

After you save an .obj from MakeHuman you have to clean it up in some other 3d application.
It could be Blender, Wings 3d, Max, it doesn't matter. Select the whole mesh and subdivide it once.
If your program has a smooth or cap hole option you could use that too. Once subdivided the mesh will look much nicer an usually all the holes dissapear.

There is also a material group in the .obj called "bones". That was meant for the collada format and your .obj has no bones so delete that material. Sometimes this confuses Vue and causes weird things so deleting the bones mat may help. You can also delete the nasty eyebrows and eyebrow material from the mesh too. After that save your improved .obj and load it into Vue.

Due to a bug in MakeHuman the head and body are seperate objects so make sure they both have the same material.

Once back in Vue the mesh should look much better. Hit F6 and that will bring up the material summary. Scroll through and you'll see all the mats for the figure, head, tounge, body, teeth, etc.

Here is how to get a believable shine on the body:

>Right click on the material for the head or body

>Edit material

>Select highlights tab

>Set global highlights for head to about 18% and shine to about 20%, then global highlight for body to about 20% and shine to 23%

>Go to edit shadows in the top right and select. This will bring up a tab for shadow darkness. Take that down to 20% and add quality boost if your atmosphere allows it.

>Try a preview render and you should get good results. Play with moving the sun around for different results. When it looks really good, jack the render up to Ultra.

There are textures in your makehuman program folder under data>rib data>textures data
Those are for the head, body, and eye if you want to use them
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Re: Errors on surface when rendered in ext. application (nudity)

Postby Philipp » Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:07 am

Hi dogbite1066,

thanks a whole lot for this excellent and helpful reply.
I will try out what you suggested. I have Blender installed already, but never tried it out, really, so I'll see what I can manage to do. It seems to be an easy enough job, though. When you talk about deleting bones in the materials file... I am not sure what you mean. What I tried (and which seemed to work) is to simply go ahead and open the materials.mtl file in a text editor and delete the line talking about bones and the line below. Or is there any option within MakeHuman that should rather be used.
The hint with the F6 button has already been usefull, since I am rather new to Vue and have only played around with it a little.

Anyway, I will just try what you suggested and post my experiences here.
Thanks for the quick help again.

Greats, Philipp.
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Re: Errors on surface when rendered in ext. application (nudity)

Postby Philipp » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:03 am

Ok, here I am again ... :roll:

I tried what you said... or I rather tried to try. I imported the object to blender (and I must say I do not know anything about this software) ... but unfortunately it is not quiet as easy a job as I had thought =D

Maybe someone knows a little about blender and can help me... thanks to Google I found out, how to apply a subsurf. The problem is rather the selection. I chose the body from the ME dropdown menu and copied it into the f window right next to it, manually.

When I go to the modifiers and add a subsurf, it will show the body very much enlarged in the background and as I increase the levels the smoothening is visible. But once I hit "Apply" (of course after setting the render levels to the same amount) I receive the message "ERROR - Modifiers can not be applied to multi-user data."
Google did not spit out anything useful to me. Maybe someone who has already gone through this suffering could help me. Sorry, but I really don't know how to get into this and I do not plan to get into blender any deeper.

Thanks in advance.

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